We make it easy, no matter where you are.
We make it easy, no matter where you are.
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New Law Lets You Triple Your Earnings!

New Law Lets You Triple Your Earnings!

Become a Triple Threat

Breaking News! The Federal Housing Administration announced that real estate agents can now act in a dual capacity for a home purchase with an FHA mortgage.

While this was already allowed for conventional loans, you now have the opportunity to serve your clients as their realtor and mortgage loan officer on FHA home loans. In fact, agents who want to have control of their process can now do so on about 97% of all transactions. Now more than ever, it makes sense to be licensed as a realtor and a residential mortgage loan originator to boost your income on almost every deal you do—which means a better experience for everyone involved (and more pay for you).

With our Everything’s Under One Roof initiative, Global Home Companies is uniquely poised to help you take advantage of this value-add opportunity to your business. We’ll help you get licensed and trained immediately.

Jump on this before multitudes of other agents learn about this change and start disrupting your market. You can get licensed and trained under our 15-year-old Global Home Finance division where we’re already licensed in multiple states for mortgages. We can get you set up as fast as you can get your license.

Ready to beat the other guys to the punch? Call Brad Cahoone at 855-732-5395, extension 227, and discuss how you can add this life-changing revenue stream to your business. We truly believe you can nearly double your income by adding mortgages to your business plan. (And remember, clients refinance too.) When real estate is slow, you can make money on mortgages and when it’s hot—you can get paid twice!

What’s better than doubling your income streams? Tripling, of course.

When you join Global Home Realty, you can hang your mortgage originator license under Global Home Finance and also become a licensed insurance agent under Global Home Insurance. This means increased control of your process, a better client experience, and more income for you on every transaction.

Insurance can be a residual income stream if you keep your clients year after year. With our EZ-Lynx platform, we have 29 carriers already set up for you to quote the best premiums and coverages to your clients without having to spend years building your own agency or getting appointments with carriers.

Since we allow you to keep 100% of your real estate commissions, there’s no better money-making opportunity in this business. Plus, everyone wins:

  • You can ensure closings happen on time.
  • Your clients will get the best loan.
  • You can secure the best insurance for clients using our in-house technology platforms.

Join us to start earning money on real estate, mortgages, and insurance sales. Call 855-732-5395 today and we’ll talk through how we can get you to triple earnings.

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