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Self-Employed Borrower Loans

Alternative Mortgage Program

Self-Employed Borrower Loans may be the answer if you are self-employed or have recently taken a job.

The loan you need if you are self-employed or have recently taken a job.

"Ok first of all I never thought buying a house was going to be as stress free and smooth as Sy and Steve made it for me, these guys made it happen when I didn't think it was going to. They are awesome. They are easy to work with, very very polite and just very nice ppl. They became my friends when we were done and I am FOREVER greatfull for you guys allowing me to make the best move of my life. Thank you so much. I will send all my friends and family to you when they are ready to make a move. P.S my less then perfect credit with some complications was no problem for them. They made it happen!! Thanks guys"
Mohamed Hamadneh
Happy Global Home Finance Client

In the past, home-buyers have had to meet the burden of providing lengthy documentation to prove their income. That includes producing tax returns, pay stubs, W-2s or a stack of bank statements to show the regular arrival of steady income.

For the self-employed person or small business owner, showing proof of consistent income can be one of the biggest hurdles to buying a home. Business owners and the self employed regularly come under closer scrutiny from lenders. A freelancer or business owner who had a down year followed by an exceptional one could see their mortgage options shrink as their documented two-year average income might not be reflective of their true earning power.

All of this adds up to a perfect storm of challenges when trying to purchase a home. Streamline Refinance & Alternative Mortgage Program may be the answer if you are self-employed, have recently taken a job, or want to reduce the amount of paperwork needed to close your loan.

To qualify for Global Home Finance Inc.’s Streamline Refinance & Alternative Mortgage Program, qualified borrowers must already have a mortgage and other restrictions do apply. However, a streamline refinance may have less or even no requirements for income, employment, or assets depending on the type of loan you have currently. It doesn’t matter who is servicing your mortgage payments now. We can work with you to streamline your mortgage depending on the secondary market investor or whether your mortgage loan originated through FHA, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or Ginnie Mae.

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Mortgage CalculatorLoan Calculator
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Receive personalized service and respect

When you work with a small to medium sized Mortgage Broker and Bank, your Licensed Residential Mortgage Loan Originators and Mortgage Loan Processors will know you by name and will not ask for your loan number to figure out whom to transfer you to. At Global Home Finance, we pledge to work hard for you at lower cost than our competition and to treat you like a friend when you call.

"I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Global Home Finance. They took me from first thought of buying a home to closing day with nothing but care for my situation. I would highly recommend them to anybody look for a home loan."
Brandon Lance
Happy Global Home Finance Client

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