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Purchase an investment property with Global Home Finance, Inc.

The best financing for your investment at market leading interest rates

"I just purchased my first home Wednesday, and I must say that working with Brad at Global Home Finance really made it possible!! He is truly a man of his word. He delivered everything he said he would and more!! I couldn't be more thankful! If you're looking to purchase a home... I would definitely check them out!!"
Britt G
Happy Global Home Finance Client

Our team of experienced mortgage professionals are here to help get you the best financing for your investment at market leading interest rates with expanded approval initiatives that other lenders cannot or will not offer. For the seasoned investor we can help you go above the Fannie Mae 4 units that some other lenders impose and get the cheap government money up to the 10 mortgages. Then after that we have non-government mortgages for investment properties depending on your unique needs. We also offer cash flow loans without any income documents for a quick easy process. Then new Borrowers interested in investing in real estate often benefit from unique advise on how to make an investment property cash flow without affecting your net buying power. When done right a rental property can be a great way to build an almost immediate cash flow (net-rent).

While many investors meet these requirements, perhaps the easiest way to obtain a rental is to buy a primary residence, live in it for at least a year, then convert it into a rental. You move out, rent the home, then rent or buy a separate residence. You keep your lower interest rate, since you originally acquired it as an owner-occupied residence.

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When you work with a small to medium sized Mortgage Broker and Bank, your Licensed Residential Mortgage Loan Originators and Mortgage Loan Processors will know you by name and will not ask for your loan number to figure out whom to transfer you to. At Global Home Finance, we pledge to work hard for you at lower cost than our competition and to treat you like a friend when you call.

"Had a great time working with Global Home Finance to find my new home. They helped me out with my peculiar student loan situation with my mom being co-signer on that and was able to help me get through everything and get my new home in record time! The reps there were also friendly and made sure to give me as much info on buying a home as possible!"
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When purchasing your home, there are always new terms to learn or relearn, and that’s only to be expected. Find out more about loan solutions from our Finance blog.

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