We make it easy, no matter where you are.
We make it easy, no matter where you are.
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House for a Hero

Low Interest Rates & Reduced Costs

House for a Hero programs include special provisions making it easier to qualify at discounted rates and with reduced closing costs in Texas.

The exclusive sponsor for all of the HFAH (House For A Hero) Programs in Texas.

"Had a great time working with Global Home Finance to find my new home. They helped me out with my peculiar student loan situation with my mom being co-signer on that and was able to help me get through everything and get my new home in record time! The reps there were also friendly and made sure to give me as much info on buying a home as possible!"
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Global Home Finance Inc. is the exclusive sponsor for all of the HFAH (House For A Hero) Programs in Texas. We strive to make a difference by offering more programs for individuals in heroic careers through easier qualifying with the Lowest Interest Rates. HFAH offers NO closing costs. Global Home Finance and The House For A Hero is not affiliated with any government entity. Loans have flexible guidelines based on specific criteria. For more information on the different loan programs and guidelines see our HFAH Program page and call a Representative at (866) 923-3222.

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Let one of our professionals help you with your VA Eligibility. We know that going through the process of receiving your VA approval can be difficult. VA loans are something we specialize in and with HFAH you can get a VA Loan without Any Closing Costs. Buy a house with no money down and with a low interest rate! We want to thank you for serving our Country so whether you’re refinancing an existing loan or applying for a loan to buy a home we can help . Experience makes a difference and gratitude goes far. For eligible Veterans and family of veterans, we have 100% Financing even with credit scores as low as 560. No Mortgage Insurance is required. Gift Funds Ok.

Police & First Responders

Police Officers and First Responders may be eligible for 1% Down ! This program requires good credit to qualify and is also available without PMI (Required monthly mortgage insurance) making it possible for more of a tax reduction and with HFAH you get $500.00 Reduced in Closing Costs. It’s easy to find out if you and your family are eligible , just call one of our professionals today. We have so many great loan programs. Let one of our Loan Officers custom tailor a loan that best suits your financial needs.

Doctors, Healthcare Workers & Teachers

Doctors, Teachers and Healthcare workers often have large amounts of student Debt. Some of our programs allow for only 5 % Down and allow for up to $850K Deferred Student Debt Excluded, this includes Medical Residents. Many Doctors , Healthcare workers and Teachers may also be eligible for another program allowing for as little as 1 % Down and with HFAH you get $ 500.00 Reduced in Closing Costs. Let one of our professionals help you today. It’s as easy as a phone call away !

Loan Features & Benefits

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Receive personalized service and respect

When you work with a small to medium sized Mortgage Broker and Bank, your Licensed Residential Mortgage Loan Originators and Mortgage Loan Processors will know you by name and will not ask for your loan number to figure out whom to transfer you to. At Global Home Finance, we pledge to work hard for you at lower cost than our competition and to treat you like a friend when you call.

The staff is very knowledgeable and put the customer first. I had an exceptional experience with them from the beginning to the end of the whole process. I am very grateful to be treated with respect and dedication. Thanks Brad and Tavio for your dedication and effort to make everything perfect.
Rod Cris
Happy Global Home Finance Client

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