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We make it easy, no matter where you are.
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What’s in Store for 2024

What's in Store for 2024

Welcome to the Future of Home Finance with Brad Cahoone at Global Home Finance!

Hey Future Homeowners, Investors, and Financial Gurus! It’s your pal Brad Cahoone, your mortgage and real estate wizard, bringing you a sneak peek into 2024! 🌟 ✨

Crystal Ball Chronicles

Wondering about interest rates and home prices? Forget the crystal ball, I’ve got insider insights! Discover the potential sweet spot before April 2024, where savvy home buyers can snag a great deal! 🏡 💰

The Rate Forecast

Check out the Federal Reserve’s latest moves at Fed Update. Leading economists predict cuts of 150 to 275 basis points, catapulting us into the lower 5% or even high 4% range for a 30-year fixed. Act before the second quarter of 2024 for the best rates!

Geographical Home Value Adventure

2024 promises a real estate rollercoaster! Values might stay steady, but as the weather warms, rates will go down, and prices will heat up. Sun Belt states, get ready for a 7-10% appreciation dance! 🌞 💃

Weekly Rate Email Magic

Haven’t signed up for Global Home Finance’s Weekly Rate Email? Now’s the time! Get the scoop on when to strike for your real estate dreams in 2024. Don’t miss the train – sign up now!

Investor's Delight

Calling all real estate investors! Lower rates mean potential refinancing glory, increased cash flow, and reduced holding costs. Schedule a chat with me to unlock your 2024 project potential. 🗓️ 💸

Loan Limit Bonanza

Conventional loan limits soaring to $750K, FHA Loan Limits at $498,257 nationwide and up to $1,149,805 in high-cost areas – your dream home just got a bit more affordable! 🏰 💵

2024 Housing Market Insights

Affordability crisis? Not anymore! Seize the day with lower mortgage rates, putting upward pressure on home prices. Don’t fall for the “wait and watch” trap – those folks are just bad at math! Act now and build your wealth in 2024. 🌐 💼

Hot Tips & Exclusive Offer

Discover the power of no lender cost refinance – exclusively for our first 100 repeat clients in 2024! Follow our advice, ride the rate wave, and enjoy the benefits. This is your chance to make 2024 your best year ever!

Connect with Brad Cahoone

Ready to unlock success in 2024? Hit the button below to connect with me, Brad Cahoone, your fortune-telling Mortgage and Real Estate Expert at Global Home Finance and Insurance! Let’s make 2024 legendary! 🚀 🔑

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